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I've been spending more time sharing things and writing out my thoughts at FB. These are a lot of times my first-flush reactions to things rather than the more considered thoughts you get here on LJ. Lately, however, I haven't gotten much beyond that first reaction a lot of times. Plus I share comics and other things that amuse me. I thought some people might be interested in them.

So I'm going to try to do a round-up posts of cute things I've shared and also status-updates (kind of like mini-blog posts), and post them here as well. These are often things that other people reading this blog have already commented on at FB, and my opinion may have actually changed a little. (Though usually not entirely.) So take all of this with a grain of salt. However, for the interested:

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#1. TOR.n shared this collection of buttons available at Comicon (which has apparently been dubbed as #hobbitcon on Twitter this year):

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I want, oh, pretty much all of them but definitely the top-left one to go on my bookbag. The pin I got for being an LGBT ally is lonely. But the bottom-right one earned a definite giggle. Am I the only one reading this who remembers OFUM?

#2. The many tweets of KimKierkegaard. In which someone has mashed bits of Kierkegaard's timeless wisdom with Kim Kardashian's not-so-timeless tweets. With friends like Justin Buber thrown in for good measure. I don't know any of these people enough to fully get this as much as I'd like, but I thought someone else could use a good laugh.

#3. Yoda origami - what's not to love?

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#4. Another TOR.n goodie from Comicon. Their sign is hilarious, though I rather think it was unintended. Yes, fandom works pretty much like a ring of power at times. (Though I'm sure TOR.n is a great site...)

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#5. Yet more goodness of the Star Wars variety:

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#6. And finally, because no post should apparently be entirely without religion, here's some hellfire and dalmatians:

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