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This morning I got to do one of my favorite MEFA-related tasks: emailing all the authors competing in the MEFAs who won an award, to give the good news. (Full results will be available to everyone in a few days.) So I thought I'd share my stories that did well in the MEFAs:

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I'll be making a formal post later tonight over at the [profile] mefas community, thanking our many volunteers who helped pull off the MEFAs. But I want to say it now, that I really can't thank [personal profile] aranel_took enough. She has designed us a site more or less from scratch, dealing with my frantic "I know this particular feature goes live in eight hours, but I'm not really sure it's doing what I intended" emails, and generally doing more to keep me sane and keep the MEFAs running smoothly than I have a right to expect of anyone, myself included. Praise her, with great praise!

There are other people who have likewise risen above the call of duty, my own reviewers not least of all. (I honestly am not sure when some of them found the time to sleep!) And many other people who have quietly but reliably gone about volunteering so that no one noticed things could go wrong. Can we say "team effort"? More on all that tonight in the official post. But thank you, all of you!


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Thanks to people that replied to my informal poll about the Advent calendar, both publicly and privately. It seems people want me to write (no surprise there!). My muse has been a bit recalcitrant lately, but I would like to try to coax her to cooperate.

So, could I have writing prompts please? I will probably need 8-12 decent prompts that can be addressed in a thousand words or less. You should give me characters you'd like me to use, along with either a short theme (<7 words) or else an inspirational quote you'd like me to use as inspiration. No promises I'll be able to come up with any fic, but I'd like to try!

Btw, I am itching to get back into Tolkien-verse, and would love to attempt characters off the beaten track (so Silmarillion/Unfinished Tales/Appendices preferred). However I'll gladly consider characters from any of the 'verses you see me discuss. The worst I can do is say no... :-)
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I put in my order the other day to have an Arthur C. Clarke short story put on eReserve for my class. This has me happy beyond all explaining. Not quite sure why, but I'm enjoying the smiles. For the interested, we're reading "The Star," which is available online here.

Also: I can has headphones. Navy blue + silver Skull Candy lowriders - good midrange models that handle bass a lot better than I was expecting, and with a kind of cushion on the top so my hair doesn't get all tangled, and a cord just the right link. Not professional-grade, but much more comfortable and better sound quality than my usual earbuds. I've been killing time and listening to music. And it's not after Thanksgiving yet, so I'm allowed to treat myself.

So this is just to say: Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, Fatboy Slim, Benny Goodman, The Doors, Joe Crocker, and most especially Jimi Hendrix - those cats could play!


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