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I disagree with pretty much all of the points made, of course. But as far as pastiches go, it was actually pretty good. Why can't all political ads actually be clever like this?

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Apparently, in France even the kitties are existentialists.

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Over at FB, a friend came back after several days away and asked if she'd missed anything important. Something about the way she put it reminded me of this great Hitchhiker's clip:

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Two of those questions represent what I do (more or less), one not so much...

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Dec. 2nd, 2011 05:16 pm
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Three times someone has referred to me as "professor." Three times I've looked over my shoulder to see who they're talking to. I don't know if I'm just that worn out today, or if there are self esteem issues or whatever, but I keep thinking: surely they can't be talking to me.

Sometimes being a pre-doctorate female just stinks. Doctor is obviously out, and "professor" is if anything more prestigious to my mind, because on this point I agree with Professor X: a professor is someone who's landed at least one full-time teaching gig after finishing the doctorate. What, then? Not Mrs., and Miss makes me feel about seven years old. It's discombobulating, but also a bit insulting: like I have to "qualify" myself somehow, through marriage or other qualification, before I am no longer a little girl. I envy guys, sometimes.

Speaking on entitlement in another sense: !@#$ spammers. Over at LJ they are hitting again in full force. I've said it before, but it feels personal somehow. Like some stranger has barged into my apartment and not even had the courtesy to take off his shoes. If this keeps up I may have to switch the LJ comments off again.


I'm going to start the advent calendar tomorrow. Sadly, there will be no fic - I have been working out an academic project with my advisors and it has been productive, but that means that just now I don't have the drive to deal with betaing. (And my editor is about the nicest critic anyone could ask for). But I will try to make at least some of it fannish. I'm leaning more toward philosophy posts focusing on my favorite passages, perhaps tied to the themes of the Advent reading schedule I've been using.


So many good movies are on right now! I half want to see Twilight again, and just may if the clerk says it's still drawing a crowd. (I've only seen it as a matinee, and the crowd experience isn't the same. There's also Coriolanus, but with the recent political events (indefinite detention of American citizens without even the "nicety" of rendition? *blech*), a Shakespearean historical epic set in the modern days may hit too close to home. Then there's Hugo, which looked fabulous but I'm not quite in the mood for a kids movie. Any suggestions?


Finally: "My Blackberry is Not Working!", from the One Ronnie show. I saw this a few weeks ago and never got around to sharing it. Hilarious! (Warning for sexual innuendo in one part.)

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In honor of the day. There are problems here (mostly the labelling, and also some omissions noted with hilarity in the comments), but it's still well worth a read.

candy comparison chart

Also, in honor of the day:

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from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Happy truck or treating to everyone celebrating it!


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