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1. I think I've had this cat in my philosophy class:

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2. A funny pic from the annals of FaceBook:

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And yes, it is that hot. I wish I had a ceiling fan... The highlight of my day was definitely going to the grocery store to pick up one little thing (frozen green beans to use as an ice pack for the fingers I broke a few days ago). Central air is deliciously delicious.

Also, the internet has been busy with the recent Supreme Court case on Obamacare. My favorites:

3. Because the internet is tubes full of cats:

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4. In which photoshoppers are historically knowledgeable and really funny:

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  1. Around here, charmingly dreary can apparently change to cats-and-dogs downpour in the space of a ten minute walk.

  2. My jacket is apparently only water-resistant, not water-proof as I originally thought.

  3. Jeans, once soaked, don't dry. An hour on the intercampus bus and these are still soaked.

  4. There cames a point when it's not worth stepping back from the curb to avoid getting soaked.

Also, apparently there's nothing quite so hilarious to my perverse sense of humor as seeing a baboushka on a walker trying to ford an intersection with six inches and more of water. I should be ashamed, but mainly I was tickled. It's been a long morning.

If you can't tell, apparently we're putting the mon(soon) back in Monday around here today. I'm sure someone somewhere needs all this moisture more than we do. Help yourself!
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(ETA: Eep! I hit "submit" too soon, before I had typed in the best bits. *blushes*)

A few days ago our [personal profile] just_ann_now celebrated her birthday. I had drafted her a Theodred-centric story but that particular muse has deserted me of late. Which is a real shame as she is the one who made me fall in love with the Rohirrim, and I would like to bring a smile to her face. Hopefully the intention will get a twitchy grin at the least.

Thinking about Rohan means thinking about wintry weathers, with him and Boromir (or perhaps Besorg?) squirrelled away in the keep because the wind is too bitter to go outside that day. Not that I can seriously imagine the two of them that far west in winter, in my serious 'verse. But I like the mental image, and hope Ann will, too. Winter in New York demands cool jazz, so here is a piece that has my bootie-clad toes tapping. I heard it through the Philosophy Smoker. There's something about vibraphone that somehow makes the late fall/early winter weather seem pristine and almost romantic. *happy sighs*

(This is "Django" by Modern Jazz Quartet, btw.)

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In the mood for something longer? Try "My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane. 13:45, but worth every second - I always play this during my afternoon tea breaks on snowdays. It's a nice little ritual I have. :-)

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But birthdays require more than just ear-candy. They require actual candy, or in this case cake.

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This is Boromir's "special" cake that Mag always made on his birthday, which I always imagine at around this time of year. The cake is spice, seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and apple cider, and inside there's a filling of baked apples, and brown sugar. The frosting is again apple cider-seasoned, and of course cream-cheese - the kind of cake whose scent wafts down the hall and screams "eat me" to anyone in the wing.

Boromir would of course sneak in for an early bite. And Mag would of course whack him across the back of the hand with her rolling-pin. (Wee!Borya or the full-grown warrior, I honestly don't think it will matter.)

I hope you enjoyed your day, Ann, and this little fanciful tour of how "our" boys might have marked the time of year.

~ M.
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Here in NYC we survived our first snowstorm of the season. My phone still needs a SIM card so I can't offer you photos I took, but here's one the NY Times took of Riverside Park:

That's in my borough, though it's a substantial bus ride away. Here we got a little less snow but not by much. Still, it was more or less gone within a night. I did need boots to get through the sludge, but the metal stairway down to trash-bins wasn't icy or anything, and the roads were pretty clear once you got past the snowbanks around the curb.

It did put me in the mood for winter so I made a grocery run. Mix for snickerdoodles (+ brownies, but that's for the OWS guys) as well as my Abuelita hot chocolate mix. Ever since I did study abroad waaaay back in 2003, I have been in the habit of actually taking a tea break around 4 PM, but when it's snowy I sub my Tetley's for Mexican-style cocoa instead. Also picked up popcorn kernels to go with the new popper I just bought (b/c my store raised the price on the microwave popcorn again). I had been thinking about it for a long time because it's healthier and cheaper in the long-run but needed the kick to motivate myself. Hot cocoa and popcorn is great winter snack

The snow also reminded me I need to go clothes-shopping. My winter teaching "uniform" is slacks, boots, and a short-sleeve button-down blouse under a cableknit sweater. I only wear them in winter because I can get away without ironing them this way. ;-) But last year's set have seen better days so now I need to find a place that sells short-sleeve blouses - in November. (Anyone know some online shop with a good return policy?) Oh, and boots, because last year's are almost worn through. But that I think I can find in actual stores.

ETA: Winter always makes me think of the boys' choir "Libera." So here they are singing "Lux Aeterna":

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