Feb. 14th, 2012

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Here's a song for all you love-birds, and all of us singletons who just want to think about the warm fuzzy feelings of love. Old Blue Eyes singing "More."

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*rushes in with noise-makers and cake*

Yesterday I had planned to write about pandemonium_213's birthday. I had every intention of writing her a nice birthday post, full of meaty science-and-faith thoughts. I'd even planned out a witty opening line about yesterday (now two days ago) being Charles Dawin's birthday, but even more importantly it was the day before our own pandë's. :-) But I got a bit obsessed with the unhappy juxtaposition of (1) Chris Brown making a "come-back" by performing at the Oscars and (2) the upcoming Valentine's Day focus on love. I couldn't quite get my thoughts to go other places, including what I'd wanted to write about.

So, first things first. Pandë, I really hope you had a first-class day. Our corner of the interwebs is better for your being part of it.

I also wanted to say a few words about the topic of atheism, religion, faith and science. I can't hope that both Pandë and Darwin would approve. Annual posts thinking about the kinds of questions I imagine Pandë asking me are becoming a bit of a tradition, actually! The rest of this post is dedicated to her, though of course the thoughts don't represent her position. But I do hope the labor of love inherent in pondering deep questions will be a fitting tribute to her. (And as always, Pandë, do feel free to respond honestly, if you want to.)

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The Daily Show is back on this week, and HOW. Stewart devotes a good bit of last night's monologue to the contraception issue. It is hilarious, but also very, VERY true: not getting everything just like you want doesn't mean there's a war against you; it means you're part of a society.

Do watch it - it's been at least a week since I've laughed this hard. It's also very thought-provoking and gets to the heart of the matter like only TDS can.

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